My Five #18

What has caught Tom’s attention on his digital travels this week?

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My Five: Five things worth sharing from the last week (or so), brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Tom.

1. IE Reaches Out to Children of the 90s

Microsoft has played the nostalgia card in its latest attempt to promote Internet Explorer as a valid browser. The promotional video is rife with relics of my childhood – Tamagotchis, Super Soakers, keys on a chain, and even the 90s child staple, Hungry Hippos.

It made me reminisce about the dial-up sound that modems used to make… That was awesome.

Child of the 90s | Internet Explorer

Like a really bad version on Inception, Internet Explorer is doing its best to slither into my childhood memory bank.

But despite its efforts it’ll never come close to the really cool 90s stuff, like Adidas Predators and setting dog poo on fire.

The response to the video seems to be broadly positive.

Maybe I’m just unreachable by normal methods – I was a Netscape Navigator child anyway.

2. SEO Is Too Mainstream…

For some reason, I love reading about SEO in newspapers. It makes me feel like real person, instead of a strange-computer-hermit-man.

The Guardian has picked up on the SEO community’s drive towards a content-led approach, and clearly approves >

3. Google Running Scared: Wolfram Alpha, Attack!

I like this story not just because the topic is genuinely interesting, but because of the weird, yet cunning, Madonna based analogies used throughout.

The article itself raises some interesting points regarding the future of search. Can Google stand up to the challenge of a search engine built with semantic search as its foundation?

Plus, Wolfram Alpha sounds like the name of a Decepticon. Read it, it’s good.

4. Getting Site Architecture Right : Common Mistakes Included

The technical side of website architecture is something I’m becoming increasingly interested in. I think I need to get a book…

This article is a nice, beginner level introduction to the subject, complete with explanations of basic principles and real-life examples:

And here is another great post on the topic, with snazzy diagrams galore:

5. Slideshare – Big in the Game

Slideshare is awesome for marketers. It provides traffic from a professional audience that is far more likely to convert in a B2B setting.

And chances are, if you’ve produced any content in the past, it should be a fairly simple process to repurpose it, and produce a Slideshow.

However, with these findings, you can be sure that a tidal wave of low quality slideshows will pummel the Slideshare servers. So make sure yours stands out from the crowd. Read here, for some great tips on how to generate leads with Slideshare.

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