How to leverage Facebook ads in 2018

Guest author, Rae Steinbach, shares her tips for ensuring your Facebook ads stand out from the rest.

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Advertising on Facebook is a smart idea no matter what industry you work in. With approximately 2.19 billion active monthly users, the platform gives marketers the chance to reach a large number of potential customers daily.

That said, plenty of other brands already advertise on Facebook. Making sure your ads stand out is key to a successful strategy. Working with a Facebook marketing company is one way to ensure you launch unique campaigns.

Otherwise, the following tips will help. Keep them in mind the next time you design a Facebook ad, and you’ll be very happy with the results.

Use Emojis

Emojis capture a user’s attention more effectively than text alone. This is especially important on Facebook, where you can’t italicise, bold, or underline the text of your posts. Adding an emoji is a simple and clever way to make a post “pop” in a user’s feed.

Of course, emojis aren’t appropriate for every brand. If you’re trying to give a user the impression that your business is professional and authoritative, it may be best to avoid them.

Too many emojis can also make an ad look cluttered. Using them can be very effective as long as you do so strategically, and only in contexts where an emoji actually serves a purpose.

Use Special Characters

If you want to make your post stand out in a more professional manner, consider using special characters instead. For example, if you want to get the attention of your target audience, simply starting a post with bracketed text is an easy way to make sure users take notice.

Perhaps you’re marketing a retail brand. A post that begins, “Attention all fashionistas” is far less attention-grabbing than one that begins “[ATTENTION ALL FASHIONISTAS].”

Leverage Messenger

Facebook’s popular Messenger feature is also available to business owners. You can even create a chatbot that’s compatible with the service.

This gives you the chance to reach out to customers directly when they visit your page. After an initial interaction with your bot, you can target specific users with relevant ads and promotions via direct communication.

Don’t Include a CTA

Including a call-to-action in most content is Marketing 101, right?

That may be the case with an email marketing campaign. It doesn’t always hold true for Facebook. That’s because studies indicate that many users, especially Millennials, dislike being blatantly advertised to on social media.

For that reason, you may be better off including a softer CTA in your Facebook ads. Something like “Learn More” or “Read More” are ways to get the user to click without overtly selling something. Just be sure to then direct the customer to a blog post or other, non-product page so it’s not false advertising!

As always, you’ll need to experiment to find out what works best for your business. That’s why tracking success metrics is so important for marketers. That said, applying these basic tips is an easy way to ensure your ads capture your audience’s’ attention.

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