Google HUD glasses to be released by end of 2012

It has been announced that Google is releasing a new set of HUD glasses by the end of this year.

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Google HUD glasses It has been said that Google is developing and planning on releasing a new set of HUD glasses by the end of this year.

So what is HUD? It stands for “Head Up Display” and is a sheet of glass that can be worn like a pair of glasses that displays information or data to the user. The glass is slightly transparent, allowing you to see the real world through it (this type of display is commonly used in military vehicles and aircraft while in combat – you’ve probably seen them used in modern war films).

The idea, as far as I understand, is to use the HUD glasses to display information to the wearer while they are on the move without the use of a computer, smart phone or tablet device.

So how do these HUD glasses work?

There are a few ideas flying around which include them being a combination of goggles, Google voice search, local search and a camera, allowing the glasses to capture images and sounds of the users local environment and then display information about it via the HUD. Allowing the user to see and receive data while on the move, when ever, wherever.

As well as displaying local information or general Internet data there are also a few other options that could be integrated into these glasses to make them a lot more useful than just allowing you to surf the web hands free.

The first is very simple – video capturing. This will allow the user to capture their life as they see it, a simple idea by an effective selling point.

There’s also the option to integrate a GPS system that highlights your path whilst on the move, eliminating the need for a separate GPS device in the owner’s life.

However one of the better features that could be included is the ability to read local reviews on places, restaurants, bars etc. It has been rumoured that by simply looking at a place / restaurant etc. whilst wearing the HUD you could receive information straight away telling you whether or not the place is worth your time.

So what are the options for advertising on the HUD?

Of course we are talking about Google here and Google is going to want to make revenue from advertisers through the device as well as from sales of the device itself. Due to the nature of the HUD, it would be best used by local advertisers allowing them to show users ads based on where they are in that moment in time.

For example, if a user is wearing the HUD and looking directly at a bar, that bar could choose to display an ad telling the user about its real-time offers.

The other option is to display local ads to the user as the HUD will know the basic location of the user so it could then display ads relevant to their location (this could be a good option for retail stores or attractions).

There are many options for how the HUD could be used for advertising but my favourite is using the glasses for product information. For instance if the user is in a store looking at a particular product the HUD could then display other places to purchase that product or a similar product either online or in a different shop for the same price or cheaper. This feature doesn’t just help the advertiser but is also a great benefit for the user.

If this product does get released at the end of the year I believe it would be a fantastic product as long as it is done right. What I mean by this is that it will have to be user friendly,  useful and most importantly safe (i.e. being able to see where you are going rather than information and data blocking your view).

One potential issue I do see with this product is that it could be rather bulky due to the technology. This could then affect the weight and look of the product, which could deter people from purchasing the glasses as they could be uncomfortable to wear.

What do you think?

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