How to optimise videos for YouTube search

Optimising videos for YouTube shouldn’t be a long and laborious process. Here’s our introduction on how to optimise videos for YouTube search.

Will Greenwood

5 sources of free data for your digital PR campaigns

There are few things that editors and journalists love more than new research, but if your budget won’t stretch, here’s how you can make use of free data.

Kerry Sheahan
EU Cookie Directive

My Five #450

A stat attack, A.I., content fatigue, cookies, cinnamon and milk are all on the menu in this week’s My Five. Feast your eyes.

Joe Friedlein

5 image optimisation tips for SEO

As well as the additional ranking opportunities that come from well optimised images, they also impact UX and page load times. Here are five areas to focus on.

Kerry Sheahan

Getting better engagement from your outreach efforts

Earning coverage and links from authoritative, relevant websites, is obviously a huge part of SEO, but what’s not always clear, is the time, effort and strategy that goes into it. […]

Kerry Sheahan

10 reasons why SEO is like the Euros

SEO’s coming home! The country’s gone football mad and so have we, with that in mind here are 10 similarities between SEO and the Euros.

Ali Cort

Are outbound links good for SEO?

When it comes to SEO, inbound links get most of the attention – and rightly so – but what about outbound links? We look at how they add value to your site.

Kerry Sheahan