When to go exclusive

Spoiler alert: you won’t find any relationship advice here. But stick around for some solid pros and cons on giving an exclusive to a journalist.

Kerry Sheahan

The problem with new vs returning users

Find out why GA4 is likely undercounting your returning visitors, and why there is no ‘ideal’ split between new and reurning users.

Kerry Sheahan
Goodbye disavow tool

Should you use Google’s disavow tool?

Disavowing links has always been a bit controversial. It looks increasingly likely that that you will soon lose the ability to fret over whether to disavow links anyway.

Joe Friedlein

The write stuff

How improving your writing skills can enhance marketing communication. 

Are Google’s days numbered?

Is criticism of Google a flash in the pan or a sign that people are becoming increasingly frustrated with the search giant?

Joe Friedlein

Make headline news

A compelling headline is key to creating interest in a story and enticing readers to click and engage. But how do you make your news stand out from the crowd?

7 tips for writing a holding statement

Naturally, the wording of a holding statement is subject to scrutiny so it’s important to get it right. Here are some tips.

Kerry Sheahan