6 ways agencies can utilise Pinterest Secret Boards

Pinterest has finally announced ‘secret boards’. Here are six ways which agencies can make the most of this new feature.

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Earlier this month Pinterest rolled out secret boards, allowing users of the service to create boards which only themselves and selected contributors can see.

The feature has been a long time coming, but now its finally here, how can it be put to use?

Being an avid Pinterest user I’ve come up with six ways which secret boards could potentially be utilised by agencies. Here goes:

1) Content inspiration

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning an infographic, video, banner, or just about any other form of visual content, Pinterest is a great tool for pulling in inspiration from around the web.

By making a secret board you and any contributors are able to leave comments that perhaps you wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving in a public domain.

2) Competitor profiling

Secret boards provide an opportunity to go super stealthy on your competition. Whether you’re looking to build up a picture of a competitor’s brand, their clients, employees or work portfolio, a private board is a great place to do it.

3) Training videos and literature

There is a wealth of free education available online, and Pinterest is an ideal place to store the best of it. Be it a training resource for junior employees, a revision bank for internal exams, or just a collection of useful everyday guides, having a selection of visual aids on a single page is far more appealing than any written alternative, IMO.

4) Campaign reporting

Let’s say you’ve just completed a successful blogger outreach campaign, and managed to get loads of your client’s products featured on some great sites around the web.

You could send your client a long list of URLs in your next report, or alternatively one URL to a secret board (which you both have access to) containing image links to all of the sites, along with comments about the content.

5) Design & branding mood board

If you’re planning a re-brand, or helping out a client with a re-brand, creating a private board is a great way to pull in ideas and inspiration. Being private, you’re able to include personal comments, or even pull in aspects of competitors’ branding which you may admire.

6) Office design

Whether planning a covert office move, or just a spot of interior design, there’s few better ways of pulling together ideas than by creating a board, or multiple boards on Pinterest. From shiny new iMacs, to desks and storage solutions, right down to mugs and stationary holders, Pinterest allows you to plan your dream office away from any prying eyes.

For more information on Secret Boards, check out http://blog.pinterest.com/post/35270081794/announcing-secret-boards-for-the-holidays.

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