42 becomes 62…are you ready for another Facebook cull?

It’s Throwback Thursday at Browser Media as we take another look at our favourite Facebook pet peeves. Are you ready for another cull?

You are reading: 42 becomes 62…are you ready for another Facebook cull?

The way we interact with social media platforms is rapidly changing, bringing with it a whole new wave of irritating behaviours.

In August last year Tom created a rather hefty list of signs you should cull your Facebook friends, totalling an impressive 42 reasons for considering hitting the delete button. In a Throwback Thursday style post (because Throwback Thursday or #TBT is now a thing too) the Browser Media team has taken a fresh look at their timelines and submitted their favourite pet peeves of 2014.

Without further ado let’s start where we left off…

43 – Charity bragging, without actually donating. You know who you are.
44 – Timehop photos of insignificant events. We know you’re only posting because you think you look pretty.
45 – Pre-birth babyname tagging. It’s a little creepy when that bun is still in the oven.
46 – Talking about yourself in the third person.
47 – ONLY posting Buzzfeed links.
48 – BAE. Enough said.


49 – Backhanded compliments. Is that rather uncomplimentary photo ‘Beautiful!’??
50 – Selfies with your kids, for the umpteenth time this month.
51 – Speaking of kids, we’re pretty sure they would rather be spending time with you than watch you tell your Facebook friends you’re spending time with them.
52 – Beyond obsessive use of hashtags.

Facebook Hashtags

53 – Photo collages, with sparkly borders and fonts so intricate it’s almost impossible to read.
54 – Inescapable videos. Thank goodness for optional autoplay.
55 – Fitness pictures. You look great, you have great abs and you have worked hard. Well done. YAWN.
56 – Whatever you think of the new Apple products is irrelevant to me.
57 – Dear foreign friends, urging your English-speaking friends to Google Translate your status isn’t cool.
58 – Blocking people from commenting on your wall, cheers.
59 – Constant posting by brands because organic reach has taken a dive = UNLIKE
60 – Multiple photos of your kids first day at school, one will do thanks.
61 – Those who link their fitness apps to their Facebook page. We just don’t care.
62 – This emoticon. So smug. 

If any of the above rings true, is it too late to simply cull your Facebook friends? With ongoing reports of users deserting Facebook in favour of other platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Whatsapp to name a few, Zuckerburg’s reign may be over.

Eloquently summarised by Theo Merz in his recent post on the Telegraph, ‘it was Facebook that gave us FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out. Despite the record-breaking number of users and profits, it increasingly feels like the party is happening elsewhere.’

Are your friends on thin ice or are you just one more ‘me, me, me’ post away from leaving Facebook entirely? Share your thoughts below or tweet us @Browser_Media.

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