What is ethical search engine marketing?

Ethical SEO can be defined as search engine marketing using only techniques and strategies that search engines consider to be acceptable.

Also known as white hat SEO, the approach is based on the principle of following the guidelines set by the major search engines rather than trying to deceive them (which is known as black hat and would involve using spammy techniques such as hidden text, keyword stuffing, page cloaking, etc).

By adopting an ethical approach, you will ensure that your website will be optimised for both search engines and your users.

Why is ethical SEO important?

There are real risks associated with trying to game the search engines – big brands have been penalised and we do not believe that the risks are worth taking.

If you step outside the ‘rules’ that are stipulated by the major search engines, you should expect to be penalised, the most severe form of which is a ban.

The temptation to accelerate to the top of the search engine rankings can be very strong, but the short term gains are not worth the longer term pain when the search engines react to such techniques by removing your site from their index.

Whilst it has been possible to ‘trick’ search engines in the past, it is becoming increasingly difficult and we believe strongly that it is much more important to focus on creating the best website in its class as opposed to trying to trick both search engines and their users.

Browser Media guarantees that only proven, ethical techniques will be used for all client work and our success show that they work very well.

We have accumulated years of search engine marketing experience and know what works and what doesn’t. Crucially, we know what will deliver the best long term results.

Business ethics

Not only does Browser Media adopt a 100% ethical stance on the techniques we use to help increase our clients’ websites visibility across all search engines, but we are strictly ethical in our own business practice.

The SEO industry is tainted by some very questionnable approaches to servicing clients’ needs. Browser Media prides itself on the honesty and transparency of all our work.

Our objective is to provide search engine marketing consultancy of the highest quality – we judge our success by the success enjoyed by our clients, not by our own financial gain.

We have won awards for our business and enjoy excellent working relationships with our clients, built on trust and complete transparency, so it is a formula that we believe very strongly in.

If you want to work with an ethical search engine marketing agency, please contact us today to find out how we may be able to help you.