How to do keyword research

Don’t forget your research. Here’s a step by step guide on how to do keyword research using Google’s keyword planner

Ashleigh Davison

Keyword research : it is not just about SEO

Should keyword research be confined to the geeky world of SEO or should it underpin almost any business plan? Some thoughts inspired by a new vegan cafe.

Joe Friedlein

Our favourite new Keyword Planner features

Whether it’s for PPC or SEO, the new Google Keyword Planner features can help you gain insight into user search behaviours. Find out more about our favourite features here.

Guest Writer
Niche Market

Online Marketing for Niche Markets

Niche marketing by nature requires a carefully thought out strategy, here are six areas you should consider.

Alex Harbour

How to write a meta content plan

Find out how to research keywords and develop a meta content plan including headings, page titles and meta descriptions for SEO.

Matt Batterham

GRRRR – is (not provided) doing your head in?

Are you struggling to understand your keywords in Google Analytics? Vote now and help a study to show how many keywords are now (not provided) due to encrypted search.

Joe Friedlein

Google Trends

Introducing: Google Trends. See how search volumes for keywords have changed over time and where in the world these searches occurred.

Joe Friedlein