Joe Friedlein

Another one of Browser Media’s earliest clients and another example of the power of paid search.

What was initially a 3 month trial with very modest budgets quickly grew to a proven revenue generator and a fantastic source of highly targeted traffic.

This was also one of our earlier pan-European campaigns and we learned a great deal about working with in-country teams within a large organisation.

Joe Friedlein
Founder & Managing Director

The Challenge

Browser Media was approached in 2006 to manage a 3 month PPC trial. The primary objective was to raise brand awareness for the in-car products and to challenge brands such as Tom Tom and Garmin.

The challenge was to deliver the greatest possible volume of targeted traffic within the budget available – the success of the PPC advertising was to be measured by increased traffic and online sales.

Tasked with the brief to drive targeted traffic to the Navman website via increased exposure on search engines, Browser Media delivered a massive 47% increase in traffic through a reduction of 30% in average cost per click to deliver impressive ROI.

Our Approach

As with all search engine marketing campaigns, Browser Media commenced working with Navman by undertaking thorough keyword research.

This allowed us to understand in great detail what users were looking for and to craft a series of campaigns to address the key needs identified by the keywords being used.

Paid search campaigns were run on both Google and Yahoo! during the initial 3 month trial to measure the relative strengths of each platform. Providing a fully outsourced solution to Navman, Browser Media optimised the PPC advertising on daily analysis of the campaign data to deliver outstanding performance.


The initial 3 month campaign surpassed all expectations and demonstrated how effective PPC advertising could be for Navman, with the following key highlights:

  • 47% increase in traffic for fixed budget
  • 30% reduction in average cost per click (CPC)
  • 20k visitors per month from relatively modest budget

Following the success of the trial, Browser Media developed an excellent working relationship with Navman and helped launch paid search marketing campaigns across Europe as well as consult on organic search engine marketing to help improve the natural listings for Navman.

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We are very happy working with Browser Media who manage our PPC advertising for us. We have found the service to be extremely professional and have enjoyed some excellent results from our partnership with them. Offering good value and a flexible ‘can do’ approach we would certainly recommend Browser Media.

Christopher Miller (Internet Marketing Manager (EMEA), Navman Europe Limited)