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Matt Batterham

As an avid snowboarder and gadget nerd, I jumped at the chance to work with Action Cameras.

As well as completely overhauling existing Adwords campaigns, we worked with the brand to create new ads that engaged niche audiences and stood out from the competition.

The results speak for themselves.

Matt Batterham
Account Director

The Challenge

Browser Media was approached in Summer 2008 as Action Cameras was looking for professional help with the paid search marketing activity, which was being managed in-house.

The brief was simple – improve the performance of existing campaigns and deliver as much targeted traffic as possible for the budget available.

The existing campaigns were delivering traffic but were not especially cost effective and needed to be improved if paid search was to be a longer term strategy.

Our Approach

Browser Media conducted a comprehensive review of the in-house PPC campaigns and identified a number of areas where improvements could be made.

Browser Media subsequently overhauled the PPC campaigns in order to improve the scope and targeting of the advertising – a large number of additional campaigns were created to target very particular searches.

Browser Media also helped set up Google Analytics tracking to ensure that there was 100% visibility on all aspects of Action Camera’s marketing initiatives.


The impact of Browser Media’s refinements to the paid search marketing campaigns was dramatic, with notable improvements when comparing the periods before and after the campaigns were overhauled:

  • Click through rate (CTR) increased by over 2000%
  • Conversion rate increased by 170%
  • Cost per conversion decreased by 38%
  • Overall number of sales increased by over 150%

Following the success of the paid search campaigns, Browser Media subsequently worked with Action Cameras on organic search initiatives and the internationalisation of the campaigns to launch each new territory in Europe.

Working with Browser Media has been fantastic and we have seen a massive improvement in our paid search campaigns. Experts in what they do, Browser Media has helped us deliver a significant improvement in ROI.

Thyago Goes (Action Cameras)