Yahoo using for search results

As Yahoo sees market share slip further, it introduces results to its SERPs. Will this improve the quality of the results and help boost the search engine’s market share?

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Yahoo search engine Yahoo is experimenting with the integration of data from social bookmarking site into its search results pages.

According to TechCrunch, Yahoo users will begin to see the underneath search results, as well as information on the numbers of people that have bookmarked that page.

Yahoo bought, which allows users to bookmark recommended articles and webpage for themselves and others, back in 2005.

Integration of this data into search results could be a useful way of adding value for searchers, as well as giving sites that are heavily bookmarked a boost in the search rankings.

Including numbers from provides a way to highlight search results that the site’s community has found to be useful, and should act as an indicator of quality and relevance for Yahoo users.

Meanwhile, Yahoo’s share of the US search market dropped slightly in December, from 17.9% to 17.7%. The search engine handled 1.3bn searches last month.

Google, which handled almost 4.1bn search queries, also saw its share drop, from 57.7% in November, to 56.3% last month.

MSN Live Search’s market share rose from 12% to 13.8%, dealing with 996m searches in December.

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