What on earth does Browser Media do?

Digital Marketing That Delivers: View our 60 second video and feel free to share your thoughts on our no bull approach to digital marketing.

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Our regular readers will have noticed that this site was refreshed last Friday evening.

As well as making the about us page more visually engaging and trying to make our approach easier to digest, we wanted to finally launch a 1 minute pitch video (this has been in the pipeline for months!).

In truth, it didn’t end up being a 1 minute pitch but it is just 60 seconds long and I hope that it helps answer the question of what Browser Media actually does. This is a question that I dread being asked by older relatives as it can be quite hard to describe to an internet luddite.

So here it is – press play to see 60 seconds that I hope help to explain what we do in really simple language:

Browser Media in 60secs

Make sense? It won’t win us any prizes at buzzword bingo, but that isn’t our style.

If you are interested in a more detailed analysis of inbound marketing, please feel free to have a read of ‘what is inbound marketing‘ which I wrote the last time we updated our website.

Finally – please excuse any errors that you may find on the new site! There are a couple of outstanding tweaks that we know about but, in the immortal words of Donal Rumsfeld, there are probably some unknown unknowns…


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