Is Google on the way out?

A summary of stats from the Christmas 2012 online retail world. Is it all over for Google and how has Amazon beaten ebay?

Joe Friedlein

Yahoo! turns 16

On March 1 2011, Yahoo! turned 16 years old. A recent Yahoo! blog post took a look back at the last 16 years and it’s fair to say, it’s come a long way.

Joe Friedlein

Yahoo! UK soon to be powered by Bing

Last week, Yahoo and Bing have migrated over organic results in Australia, Brazil and Mexico to Bing. It looks like UK could be next.

Joe Friedlein throws in the towel

Search engine, has announced that it will no longer be operating as a search engine.

Joe Friedlein

Is this Google’s annus horriblis?

Development of Google Wave comes to an end. But Why? Were we not ready for it, or was the collaboration tool just too complicated to use?

Joe Friedlein