What Wikipedia can teach us about internal linking

As Wikipedia turns 20, we take a look at what SEOs can learn from the online encyclopaedia when it comes to internal linking, from structure, to anchor text.

Kerry Sheahan

My Five #223

Another My Five round up from the team at Browser Media. Including Valentine’s campaigns to nostalgia marketing, here’s what caught our eye this week.

Libby Bearman

My Five #94

It’s been a busy week! Check out what’s caught Sophie’s eye in this week’s My Five.

Guest Writer

‘What is’ SERP invasion

Google’s SERPs are invaded by massive ‘what is’ definitions. Is this happening for you?

Joe Friedlein

The state of Wikipedia

Wikipedia has recently celebrated it’s 10th birthday and to celebrate, a video has been created to highlight the state of the site

Joe Friedlein

Google is ‘white bread for the mind’

Is Google to blame for the softening of our brains? Do search engines prevent us from being able to form our own opinions and beliefs? A look into the effect that the internet is having on our students.

Joe Friedlein

Open-source search engine launches

Wikia search launches in alpha to a rapturous lack of applause. Only time will tell if the human edited search results will help improve the quality of the search results, but Google can rest easy for the immediate future.

Joe Friedlein

Google develops online encyclopedia

Google introduces the knol – a unit of knowledge – and launches challenge to wikipedia. Google the content indexer becomes Google the content provider.

Joe Friedlein