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My Five #173

This week’s My Five round up features the end of referral spam, the potential prosecution of trolls, and teens’ reactions to the Windows 95 OS.

Libby Bearman
Spammy SEO Tactics - Browser Media

Do Spammy SEO Tactics Still Work?

The effectiveness of spammy SEO tactics has been dwindling for years, so why are they still being used, and why are they sometimes still working?

Victoria Spall

My Five #65

Google+ controversy, a rap battle for Google, Skype regains control after hacking, common sense customer service rules and more.

Guest Writer

50 shades of (SEO) grey?

Is it OK to comments on forums and blogs for SEO? Black hat, white hat or grey hat? Vote now to contribute to the debate.

Joe Friedlein

Google preparing better ad system in Gmail

Google is in the process of rolling out ‘better ads in Gmail’. As well as an increase in relevancy, Google plans to present users with local deals and offers.

Joe Friedlein

Link Building Guide

What is the secret to successful link building? How can you get other sites to link to your web site? Link building explained.

Joe Friedlein

Mahalo – a human edited search engine

Mahalo launches human edited search engine. Do you want search results that are free from aggregator sites and spam? Mahalo provides an interesting alternative.

Joe Friedlein