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My Five #102

Carte blanche for Cassette Boy to wreak havoc? The 50p supermarket challenge. Google turns into an adult. CTR in SERPS and 4K heaven. What has caught Joe’s eye this week?

Joe Friedlein

My Five #69

Google Business Photos, Safe Internet Day and a funny Friday ski ballet, all in this week’s My Five by Ali.

Ali Cort

‘What is’ SERP invasion

Google’s SERPs are invaded by massive ‘what is’ definitions. Is this happening for you?

Joe Friedlein

How relevant are Google’s search results?

Are you looking for an SEO company in Essex? If so, Google may not necessarily be the best place to look. I micro case study showing how keyword rich domains still rule and how Adwords still struggles with low volume search terms.

Joe Friedlein

The dust settles on Google Instant

Less than a week on and it seems Google Instant increases impressions and CTR, but is this functionality applicable to all search queries?

Joe Friedlein

A step backwards for Google?

Evidence suggests multiple results for the same domain in SERPs – but only in the US. Is this a good thing? Should one site dominate search?

Joe Friedlein

Get up to speed with Google

Google factors in page load speed when determining organic rankings. Page load speed is now officially important for your search engine rankings.

Joe Friedlein

Localised Google results for generic searches

Google shows local results for non-local search terms. Will small local businesses now have the opportunity for greater exposure in search?

Joe Friedlein