My Five #346

Search is no longer all about Google and a hare-less rabbit is rising to fame on Instagram – it’s time for this week’s My Five!

Ali Cort

Search engine market shares around the world

Econsultancy has created an infographic showing search engine market shares across 10 countries around the world. Is Google dominant worldwide?

Joe Friedlein throws in the towel

Search engine, has announced that it will no longer be operating as a search engine.

Joe Friedlein

Eric Schmidt outlines a speedy future for Google

Never underestimate the importance of fast – Eric Schmidt talks technological advances, personalised search & mobile growth. See the keynote.

Joe Friedlein

Google’s contribution to the UK election

2010: The Internet Election. Conservatives dominate YouTube & Lib Dems fail during old school TV debates. Is this the future of UK Elections?

Joe Friedlein

Bing Launches New Search Features

Microsoft’s Bing announces new search features in line with customer feedback. Currently available in US, will they make it across the pond?

Joe Friedlein

Google Strikes Deal with Twitter

Following the example set by Bing, Twitter updates will now be shown in relevant Google searches giving users the most up-to-date info

Joe Friedlein

Has Bing’s Market Share Peaked?

Bing’s market growth is gradually slowing down, whilst Google’s is on its way up again. Does this mean Microsoft’s peaked too? SEO Wars!

Joe Friedlein