What will be the main SEO trends in 2024?

What’s on the horizon for SEO in 2024? SEO professionals have shared their insights and predictions to help brands prepare for the coming year.

Rosey Bowring

Google’s AI-powered search engine

Google’s Search Generative Experience is bringing new AI features to Search. Here is a rundown of what we know so far.

Rosey Bowring

Can you take a break from SEO?

Has your site got gremlins in the system and other nasties? We take a look at the dangers of simply stopping your SEO activity.

Ali Cort

Google Chrome 68 and HTTPS site migration

The time has come to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS before your site takes an SEO right hook from Google, leaving you hanging on the ropes, fighting for the organic scraps your competitors leave behind.

Guest Writer
3 common link audit mistakes

3 common link audit mistakes

Conducting a link audit is a vital but often tedious task. Here are 3 common mistakes to avoid to make the process as painless as possible.

Matt Batterham
say no to link networks

Linking between domains

Why you should not try to outsmart the search engines with link networks. Keep it simple and focus all your efforts on your main domain.

Joe Friedlein

Has the SEO cat finally run out of lives?

Is SEO dead? Watch Joe Friedlein’s presentation from the Figaro Digital conference on 18th July 2013 and see if you agree that SEO is dead.

Joe Friedlein