Search engine market shares around the world

Econsultancy has created an infographic showing search engine market shares across 10 countries around the world. Is Google dominant worldwide?

Joe Friedlein

2010 web browser market share statistics

Statistics by Net Applications have revealed the web browser market share for November 2010. Explorer still makes up over 50 percent but usage is decreasing

Joe Friedlein throws in the towel

Search engine, has announced that it will no longer be operating as a search engine.

Joe Friedlein

The dust settles on Google Instant

Less than a week on and it seems Google Instant increases impressions and CTR, but is this functionality applicable to all search queries?

Joe Friedlein

A step backwards for Google?

Evidence suggests multiple results for the same domain in SERPs – but only in the US. Is this a good thing? Should one site dominate search?

Joe Friedlein