Ways to Improve Quality Score

Discover more about Google’s infamous quality score from Google’s perspective plus some tips for improving yours.

Ashleigh Davison

Fundamental Flaw in Google Adwords Platform

An official request to Google for 2009: Please ensure PPC Ads are shown for the relevant search terms, even if the search volume is low. Ta.

Joe Friedlein

Google adwords quality score update

Ad position and quality score: What will the latest AdWords Quality Score update mean for your PPC Campaigns and visibility in paid search?

Joe Friedlein

Quality score platforms have higher click through rates

An interesting study into how a quality score ppc platform can have positive effects on the user experience and thererefore the click through rates. How initial results from Yahoo!’s Panama platform demonstrate this effect.

Joe Friedlein

Google Adwords Quality Score Revealed

Google announces that it will show quality scores against keywords in AdWords campaigns – what are the objectives of the quality score?

Joe Friedlein

PPC Click Fraud

What is PPC click fraud? Is click fraud a serious problem? What are search engines doing to prevent click fraud and what can you do?

Joe Friedlein

Increase in Google Adwords costs

Why is Google suddenly demanding much higher bid prices in adwords campaigns? A look at the increasing costs of Adwords PPC campaigns.

Joe Friedlein