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Influencing Influencers

Reaching out to influencers in your industry can be intimidating, but it needn’t be a chore. Try these tips for successful outreach.

Guest Writer

Link building is dead

Link building is dead, long live the links!

Matt Batterham

PR & Blogger Outreach Cheat Sheet

How to target journalists and bloggers for maximum success (Note – it’s a marathon not a sprint!)

Ali Cort

My Five #128

This week’s My 5: living digital, some cool design, a genius PR stunt and a mind-bogglingly hard maths problem. Can you beat a 14 year old?

Guest Writer

Does your brand have the right identity?

Does your brand have the right identity? Are you being mistaken for a house cat when you’re a lion in your chosen field?

Guest Writer

How to embrace a PR disaster

A PR disaster isn’t always a bad thing. We take a look at the companies who threw caution to the wind and embraced their bad online press.

Guest Writer

PR is not dead, bad SEO is dying

Google updated its link schemes page to specifically state that overly optimised links within press releases are deemed unnatural. So what?

Matt Batterham

SEO War – let the battle commence?

SEO is evolving. SEO (today) = PR. Does this mean that PR agencies will destroy SEO agencies. Who will win the turf war?

Joe Friedlein

My Five #7

This week’s My Five My Five features five great digital campaigns that use calendar dates as their hook.

Ali Cort