Make headline news

A compelling headline is key to creating interest in a story and enticing readers to click and engage. But how do you make your news stand out from the crowd?

Cunning stunts

How well-planned and executed PR stunts can boost coverage and awareness

7 tips for writing a holding statement

Naturally, the wording of a holding statement is subject to scrutiny so it’s important to get it right. Here are some tips.

Kerry Sheahan

Press release example

What is an example of a good press release, what should typically be included (and what shouldn’t)?

Ali Cort

7 tips for using images in your PR pitches

Often the quality and availability of photos you have at your disposal isn’t something you have control over. Here are seven things you can control.

Kerry Sheahan

10 tips for writing PR commentary

From being quick off the mark, to having something original to say, here are some tips for drafting quotes.

Kerry Sheahan

The art of the follow up

I take a look at when to follow up, when not to follow up, and how to make your email feel less like a chase.

Kerry Sheahan

Using your own data for PR

Find out what data your company already has that you could use for PR, and what to bear in mind along the way.

Kerry Sheahan