The latest Google AdWords updates – August 2017

With AdWords seemingly adding new features every week at the moment, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Hopefully, you’ll find all the information you need in these posts.

Victoria Spall

Google updates of 2017

A little look at some of the Google updates of 2017, what they might mean for your website, and how this could impact 2018 and beyond.

Guest Writer

A Guide to Google Ad Extensions

Google’s ad extensions are a great way to add more information about your business/product to your ad copy. Are you using them correctly?

Ashleigh Davison

What to expect from the new AdWords interface

Have you tried the new AdWords interface yet? There are some new features to try out already and even more to be launched throughout the rest of this year

Ashleigh Davison

AdWords Editor 12 is available to download now

AdWords Editor 12 is now available to download with a slightly new look and a new custom rules section that highlights where campaigns don’t align with Google’s best practices.

Ashleigh Davison