Warning: Text ads will be no more after 31st January

It’s not long now until you will no longer be able to create text ads in the old standard format or be able to edit your current ones, as they are being replaced with Google’s new expanded ads.

Ashleigh Davison

Geofencing; What, Why and How

Want to enhance your business by targeting local customers and increasing sales? Check out our handy guide to geofence advertising.

Guest Writer

Expanded text ads; my experiences so far

Google’s expanded text ads have arrived. Are you using them? What are your thoughts/experiences so far? Read on to find out mine…

Ashleigh Davison
Madonna fall Brits

My Five #121

Five things that interested me this week; adwords call-only ads, reddit charity donations, the Oscars, Madonna’s fall, Domino’s app

Ashleigh Davison

10 tips for how to write enticing ad copy

10 top tips on how to get write PPC ad copy that is going to entice the people that are most likely carry out your CTA, to click on your ad.

Ashleigh Davison