Featured snippets: The rules are changing

Those answer boxes that appear below ads but above organic listings in search – featured snippets – well, they’re about to change. If your site’s in a featured snippet, it won’t be appearing on page one of SERPs

Ali Cort
Google Removing PageRank from its Toolbar - Browser Media

Google Removing PageRank from its Toolbar

Does Google removing PageRank from its toolbar really make a difference in terms of SEO and inbound marketing? Could it spell the end of link spam?

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Google Launches Accelerated Mobile Pages

Mobile search experience often isn’t great. Google launching Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) means rich content now loads instantly across multiple devices.

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Bank Vault via datasovled.com

Google and the Knowledge Vault

The Knowledge Vault form Google’s fact-checker-bots could change the state of search. Bye bye backlink profiles, hello quality content.

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