Goodbye disavow tool

Should you use Google’s disavow tool?

Disavowing links has always been a bit controversial. It looks increasingly likely that that you will soon lose the ability to fret over whether to disavow links anyway.

Joe Friedlein
Face Palm

My Five #388

Political face palms, LinkedIn polls, negative SEO, fake news and canine conference calls all feature in a summary of what caught my eye in this week’s online travels.

Joe Friedlein

What is negative SEO, and how can I prevent it?

Put simply, negative SEO is a way of using tactics that can harm your website in the hope that how it performs in organic search is affected. Find out what to do if you do fall victim to an attack.

Victoria Spall
Spammy SEO Tactics - Browser Media

Do Spammy SEO Tactics Still Work?

The effectiveness of spammy SEO tactics has been dwindling for years, so why are they still being used, and why are they sometimes still working?

Victoria Spall

Negative SEO is dead

Google finally launches a disavow tool. Does this herald the death of negative SEO?

Joe Friedlein

ALLOW social media insurance and reverse SEO

ALLOW, a British company, launches social media insurance to protect the online reputation of businesses and individuals. No cash but offers reverse SEO.

Ali Cort