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My Five #113

Some interesting things from this week including Top searches on Google in 2014, contactless woolen gloves and poop Christmas gifts.

Ashleigh Davison

My Five #112

Online vs. TV, Xmas Jumper Day and Air Canada’s Christmas Advert – Alex rounds up up cool stuff form the internet in this week’s My Five

Alex Harbour

My Five #111

Ridiculously simple Content Marketing, beards and a bit more Kim Kardashian. Find out what’s happened in this week’s My Five.

Guest Writer
Black Friday

My Five #110

Kim Kardashian’s back end proves to be more robust than Net-a-Porter’s, an excellent John Lewis ad parody and Google in trouble. It’s MyFive

Joe Friedlein

My Five #109

Five interesting things we’ve seen in the last week including Google in Time Square, the end of Facebook’s free ride and the BandAid 30 lineup.

Guest Writer

My Five #108

Bill Cosby and Dapper Laughs get destroyed by social media, free beer, comet landings and shiny things. What has caught Vic’s eye this week?

Victoria Spall

My Five #106

An unapologetically Halloween-themed My Five this week including: Spooky Snaps, Rap Stars and Pumpkin Carving!

Libby Bearman

My Five #105

A Penguin ‘refresh’ and multichannel digital marketing – it’s all in this week’s My Five.

Guest Writer

My Five #104

Stories from this week; Google Primer, Employers paying for egg freezing, Google Preferred, Zuckerberg donates to help fight ebola and Snapchat leaks.

Ashleigh Davison

My Five #103

Facebook targeted marketing, Hairgate, Slammin’ Sam and The Carlton. Find out what else has caught Josh’s eye in this week’s My Five.

Guest Writer
4k video

My Five #102

Carte blanche for Cassette Boy to wreak havoc? The 50p supermarket challenge. Google turns into an adult. CTR in SERPS and 4K heaven. What has caught Joe’s eye this week?

Joe Friedlein

My Five #101

Promoted Pins, the iPhone 6, and baby animals. Amongst other things, find out what has caught Alex’s eye in this week’s My Five

Alex Harbour