Google AMP – A must have for mobile?

According to Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are being given expanded exposure in mobile SERPs. How could your website benefit?

Victoria Spall

Five internet trends of 2016

Mary Meeker has released her internet trends report of 2016; expect big changes in search, nods toward a mobile-first marketplace, and the rise in ad-blocking leading to better ad-making.

Guest Writer
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My Five #162

A festive My Five round up this week: Christmas Ads, Christmas Elves and Christmas Cards plus Google’s AMP to launch Feb 2016.

Ali Cort

My Five #144

A murdered robot, predictions from Back to the Future coming true, and the mystery of what happened to the dinosaurs solved in this week’s My 5.

Victoria Spall

New enhancements to mobile shopping ads

How is Google mobile search changing for those I-want-to-know, I want-to-go, and I want-to-buy moments? Find out here…

Ashleigh Davison
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Do I need to Fix Mobile Usability Issues

Received a Google Webmaster Tools email ‘Fix Mobile Usability Issues’? Find out if you really need a mobile site before 21st April 2015

Libby Bearman

2012 – the year of mobile?

Bored of hearing how this is the year for mobile search? Me too. Here is some evidence to suggest that it is perhaps now time to take note.

Joe Friedlein

Google Instant goes mobile

Google announces the launch of Google Instant for mobile devices. The big question is – will you be able to see anything or will the keyboard cover it up?

Joe Friedlein

Eric Schmidt outlines a speedy future for Google

Never underestimate the importance of fast – Eric Schmidt talks technological advances, personalised search & mobile growth. See the keynote.

Joe Friedlein