My Five #423

Bing’s making moves down under, Google Ads are changing, and a Lancashire farmer is kidding around on Zoom – all in this week’s My Five.

Ali Cort
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A chat about bots

The rise and return of the bot. Get ready to see branded chatbots, the interactive software that helps users get things done.

Guest Writer

Is Google on the way out?

A summary of stats from the Christmas 2012 online retail world. Is it all over for Google and how has Amazon beaten ebay?

Joe Friedlein

Bing Launches New Search Features

Microsoft’s Bing announces new search features in line with customer feedback. Currently available in US, will they make it across the pond?

Joe Friedlein

Can Bing Really Compete with Google?

Bing the ‘Decision Engine’: User numbers are dwindling and many don’t see it is that different to Google. The search engine wars continue.

Joe Friedlein

Microsoft to launch new Search Engine?

Bing is coming! Rumour has it that Microsoft’s new search engine will be showcased at D: All Things Digital conference. Will it beat Google?

Joe Friedlein

Microsoft unhappy with Google-Yahoo deal

Microsoft grumble about the Yahoo! / Google deal but acknowledge that they were slow off the blocks in the great search race.

Joe Friedlein

Yahoo signs ad deal with Google

Yahoo! and Google announce deal that must spell the end of any prospect of a deal with Microsoft. Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang said he expected the deal to be worth around $800m per year for the company.

Joe Friedlein