My Five #24

Five things worth sharing from the last week (or so) – Facebook updates, SXSW envy, social customer service, Gizoogle and infographics.

Matt Batterham

Is Google+ a failure, destined for the graveyard?

What is the future looking like for Google+? A theoretical disucssion between father and son from a post apocalyptic 2050 as they barbeque a swamprat…

Guest Writer

SEO Agency 101

What does the UK SEO agency landscape look like? An infographic showing how many UK SEO agencies practice what they preach – how active are they in social media and how much content are they producing when they tell us that content is king?

Guest Writer

An infographic for everything

Infographics have become somewhat of a common theme on the modern web so what is it that makes them so appealing?

Joe Friedlein

The Periodic Table of SEO elements

SEO relies on a number of fundamental factors. This infographic highlights the key on-page and off-page SEO elements.

Joe Friedlein

Google’s Periodic Table of APIs

To help the millions of developers around the world, Google has created a periodic table-style infographic, showcasing its APIs and developer products.

Joe Friedlein

Search engine market shares around the world

Econsultancy has created an infographic showing search engine market shares across 10 countries around the world. Is Google dominant worldwide?

Joe Friedlein

HootSuite hits 1 million users

Social media dashboard HootSuite has reached one million registered users – and achieved some noteable milestones along the way

Joe Friedlein