Five internet trends of 2016

Mary Meeker has released her internet trends report of 2016; expect big changes in search, nods toward a mobile-first marketplace, and the rise in ad-blocking leading to better ad-making.

Guest Writer

More Innovation at Google Labs

Under development at Google Labs: Similar Images for speedy, refined image search and Google News Timeline organises stories chronologically

Joe Friedlein

Google planning ads in image search results?

Google considers ways to earn revenue from image search. Up until now, image search results have been free from any advertising. No doubt Google shareholders will be happy, but will the user experience suffer?

Joe Friedlein

Google improves image search

Google enhances image search to improve the accuracy of image search results.

Joe Friedlein

Yahoo adds new ‘search assist’ feature

Yahoo adds more features to its search engine. The new search assist feature is aimed at improving user experience of using the search engine.

Joe Friedlein

Google Image Search under threat?

Could the google image search be threatened by US legal ruling? Google in hot water over P10 images.

Joe Friedlein