Five guest blogging myths debunked

Guest blogging is not dead, it’s awesome, just don’t expect it to send a lot of website traffic.

Matt Batterham

Guest Blogging: Curating Content

Executed with caution and common sense, guest blogging is still an effective method to build awareness and attract new traffic to your site.

Alex Harbour

Is guest blogging dead yet?

The idea of guest blogging makes a lot of people very nervous, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored.

Matt Batterham

My Five #76

Google’s shopping list, Matt Cutts, Twitter updates…oh and other cat related news of course! All in this week’s My Five

Guest Writer


My Five #67, including the demise of guest blogging, more changes to Google’s search results and competition for Spotify.

Matt Batterham

So guest blogging is dead…

Described as the ‘decay and fall of guest posting’ find out more about Matt Cutts’ latest post and the future of guest blogging.

Guest Writer

Guest Blogging – How To Get Published

Guest blogging is a great way to garner quality liks and is a method that every SEO should practice. Here’s some advice on how to make that initial contact…

Guest Writer