Google encrypted search going global

Earlier this week Google announced that encrypted search is being rolled out internationally over the cause of the next few weeks.

Matt Batterham

Google unleashes best example yet of double standards?

Google attracts a lot of hatred with announcement that searches will be encrypted if logged in. What is the real reason behind this move if it only applies to organic search?

Joe Friedlein

How relevant are Google’s search results?

Are you looking for an SEO company in Essex? If so, Google may not necessarily be the best place to look. I micro case study showing how keyword rich domains still rule and how Adwords still struggles with low volume search terms.

Joe Friedlein

A step backwards for Google?

Evidence suggests multiple results for the same domain in SERPs – but only in the US. Is this a good thing? Should one site dominate search?

Joe Friedlein

Fundamental Flaw in Google Adwords Platform

An official request to Google for 2009: Please ensure PPC Ads are shown for the relevant search terms, even if the search volume is low. Ta.

Joe Friedlein

Beware of the Google ‘search’ network

What is the Google search network? Mini case study showing how adwords ads using search network can end up on websites that are not search engines at all.

Joe Friedlein

Google is ‘white bread for the mind’

Is Google to blame for the softening of our brains? Do search engines prevent us from being able to form our own opinions and beliefs? A look into the effect that the internet is having on our students.

Joe Friedlein

EC likely to hold up Google/DoubleClick deal

Google’s purchase of Double Click is likely to be delayed as the European Commission decides whether to launch a full investigation.

Joe Friedlein