What is a landing page?

Best practice for landing pages: what is a landing page and what features contribute to a successful design?

Rosey Bowring

QR codes for marketing

Ever wondered how to use QR codes for marketing? Read on to find out when and how to deploy QR codes successfully for marketing campaigns.

Ali Cort

How to promote your event online

Whether you’re hosting, exhibiting, or attending, there are significant costs associated with events and conferences, so it’s crucial that you develop a marketing strategy that maximises your return on investment.

Victoria Spall

Delving into the world of digital marketing

An introduction to Browser Media’s new Junior Account Executive, with insight from the team regarding their favourite aspects of digital marketing.

Rosey Bowring

Building a brand that connects with its audience

Throughout the pandemic, many brands recognised the basic human desire to forge and maintain connections – and have been able to capitalise on it as a result.

Victoria Spall
Groundhog Day 2021 Predictions

D is for Delightful

Yesterday was officially groundhog day. Are we finally out of the rut and are there justifiable grounds for optimism in 2021?

Joe Friedlein
2020 annus horribilis

2020: The Return Of Annus Horribilis?

Is talk of 2020 being the worst year ever a bunch of royal arse? Should we be celebrating an annus mirabilis?

Joe Friedlein