Joe Friedlein podcast

Marketing for boring industries

Only boring people get bored. There is no such thing as a boring industry. Some are definitely ‘drier’ than others though and it can be hard to create engaging content. What is the secret to success?

Joe Friedlein

3 tips for marketing to short attention spans

Is it possible to boost audience engagement on your content when you’re up against dwindling attention spans? Read these top tips to find out.

Guest Writer

Content marketing in a world of wearables

Do wearables really have the power to change how we think about content marketing, and what impact might this have on our approach?

Guest Writer

Live stream video content marketing

Live stream video is ‘the future of social media’, but what are the pros and cons of using the medium as part of your content marketing strategy?

Guest Writer

Why your content probably sucks

Anyone can create content, very few have the skills to create great content. Here are some insights which may help you up your content game.

Matt Batterham
Halloween content marketing - Alan Partridge

5 Halloween content marketing wins

Halloween: scary, stupid, and the perfect opportunity to have some fun with content marketing.

Matt Batterham