Getting naked – is it a northern thing?

Digital Ski is a ‘digital summit’ organised by Econsultancy. Lucky Joe Friedlein gets to go skiing each year and mingle with the UK’s finest digital talent. What went down in 2012?

Joe Friedlein

We welcome Graham Ruddick on board

Browser Media appoints Graham Ruddick as a non executive director. Who is Graham and what will he bring to the agency?

Joe Friedlein

A load of old b(o)logs?

Are blogs the secret to success or totally over-hyped? See what extra effort on our blog delivered in terms of organic search traffic for Browser Media.

Joe Friedlein

Sound advice for securing that SEO graduate job

Our recently appointed Account Executive, Tom, has some sound advice for all graduates looking to impress in their first SEO interview.

Guest Writer

What is your ultimate fantasy?

The new football season is upon us! Join our fantasy football league for bragging rights and the chance to win balloon flights worth £598.

Joe Friedlein

How relevant are Google’s search results?

Are you looking for an SEO company in Essex? If so, Google may not necessarily be the best place to look. I micro case study showing how keyword rich domains still rule and how Adwords still struggles with low volume search terms.

Joe Friedlein

Straight from the horse’s mouth

All systems change at Browser Media. One new office and one defunct office. We don’t talk bull###t but may utter some horse###t from now on….

Joe Friedlein

Domain hijacking via proxy server

Domain hijacking by a proxy server – what is it and how do you solve the problem. Another example of an appspot domain hijacking.

Joe Friedlein

If Carlsberg did digital networking events…

Browser Media founder Joe Friedlein returns from the 5th Digital Ski trip organised by Econsultancy with fond memories of another fantastic trip.

Joe Friedlein