How often should you blog?

Something we get asked regularly is how often a business should blog. Remembering it’s not just about search engines is a good starting point.

Ali Cort

Write for us / Guest blogging

Do you want to write for an online marketing focused blog? We are accepting contributions from guest bloggers from today!

Joe Friedlein

A load of old b(o)logs?

Are blogs the secret to success or totally over-hyped? See what extra effort on our blog delivered in terms of organic search traffic for Browser Media.

Joe Friedlein

How to ‘optimise’ your blog posts

A well written blog can be a very powerful tool, from an SEO, social and PR perspective. Consider this list when creating content.

Joe Friedlein

Google to become more like Twitter?

Google to ‘integrate’ micro blogging service? Eric Schmidt reveals Google may jump on the social media bandwagon, but when?

Joe Friedlein