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My Five #86

A week of highs and lows, find out what’s caught Sophie’s eye this week.

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D-day 70 year anniversary

My Five #85

The truth about link building, football fever, the Loch Ness Monster, Happy birthday Bing and 70 year D-Day anniversary celebrations. What has caught Joe’s eye this week?

Joe Friedlein

Blekko announces impressive milestone

Search engine, Blekko has announced an impressive milestone – in January, the search engine received over 30 million search queries.

Joe Friedlein

Yahoo! UK soon to be powered by Bing

Last week, Yahoo and Bing have migrated over organic results in Australia, Brazil and Mexico to Bing. It looks like UK could be next.

Joe Friedlein

Search engine market shares around the world

Econsultancy has created an infographic showing search engine market shares across 10 countries around the world. Is Google dominant worldwide?

Joe Friedlein

Is this Google’s annus horriblis?

Development of Google Wave comes to an end. But Why? Were we not ready for it, or was the collaboration tool just too complicated to use?

Joe Friedlein

Bing Launches New Search Features

Microsoft’s Bing announces new search features in line with customer feedback. Currently available in US, will they make it across the pond?

Joe Friedlein

Has Bing’s Market Share Peaked?

Bing’s market growth is gradually slowing down, whilst Google’s is on its way up again. Does this mean Microsoft’s peaked too? SEO Wars!

Joe Friedlein