A week with my iPhone 4S and SIRI

Last week Apple launced the iPhone 4S and SIRI – the personal assistant who lives in your phone. So how does it perform?

Matt Batterham

The only way is app

Apple’s App store is reported to have hit the half-million app milestone after only 3 years of trading

Joe Friedlein

Can Spotify really compete with Apple?

Spotify is rolling out new versions of it’s desktop and mobile applications in an effort to compete with Apple iTunes.

Joe Friedlein

At last, Android gets an app webstore

Google has released a web-based version of its Android app market, meaning that for the first time Android users can browse and download apps on the internet.

Joe Friedlein

2010 web browser market share statistics

Statistics by Net Applications have revealed the web browser market share for November 2010. Explorer still makes up over 50 percent but usage is decreasing

Joe Friedlein

Apple’s iAd hits Europe

Apple’s mobile advertising platform is being rolled out in Europe. L’Oréal, Renault and Louis Vuitton are among the first to use the service.

Joe Friedlein

Google v. Apple

Google winner in annual brand competition

Joe Friedlein