Google encrypted search going global

Earlier this week Google announced that encrypted search is being rolled out internationally over the cause of the next few weeks.

Matt Batterham

Google unleashes best example yet of double standards?

Google attracts a lot of hatred with announcement that searches will be encrypted if logged in. What is the real reason behind this move if it only applies to organic search?

Joe Friedlein

Google rolls out real-time analytics

Google has announced a new feature as part of it’s free website analytics tool that allows the user to view analytics data in real-time.

Joe Friedlein

Twitter rolls out web analytics tool

Twitter has launched a web analytics tool intended to give publishers more detailed information of the effectiveness of their Twitter activity

Joe Friedlein

Twitter analytics is here at last

It’s been announced that Twitter is rolling out a much anticipated ‘official’ analytics service to a select group of testers.

Joe Friedlein