A guide to understanding social media algorithms in 2021

Understanding the various social media algorithms is a difficult task. In 2018 I took a look at everything you need to know about social media algorithms – here we see how the platforms have changed in 2021.

Will Greenwood

Book Review : Hello World (Hannah Fry)

Book review number three takes a look at Hannah Fry’s latest book, Hello World, which covers the world of algorithms and how they affect modern society.

Guest Writer

A guide to social media algorithms

Social media algorithms are constantly changing and evolving. This guide explains everything you need to know about the algorithm for each social media platform.

Will Greenwood

Google uses human power for its search results

Google reveals a little more about how it uses human review panels to assess the quality of its search results. Not new news as such but some interest comments from Google’s Director of Research, Peter Norvig

Joe Friedlein

Google Adwords Quality Score Revealed

Google announces that it will show quality scores against keywords in AdWords campaigns – what are the objectives of the quality score?

Joe Friedlein

Google Power

Exploring the power of Google and how businesses should work with, not against, the search engine giant.

Joe Friedlein

Guaranteed search engine results

An interesting civil lawsuit is launched against Google following a penalty which raises the question “do we have a right to guaranteed search engine results”

Joe Friedlein