Google now offers advertisers so much more…

An introduction to the new forms of biddable media that Google now offers: remarketing, dynamic display ads, dynamic remarketing and TrueView.

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My Five #19

Five interesting things from the digital world this week by Ashleigh Brown.

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My Five #3

My Five: Five things worth sharing from the last week (or so), brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

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Google’s New Auction Insight Report

Google’s new auction insight report is now available in Google AdWords, allowing advertisers to easily see which competitors their ads are up against.

Ashleigh Davison

Location, location, location

Google is introducing some new features in AdWords to help users create ads that are more relevant to local customers.

Guest Writer

New “Opportunities” with Google AdWords

Following on from its new enhanced sitelinks feature, Google is now making it even easier for advertisers to include sitelinks in their ads.

Ashleigh Davison

Google’s New Enhanced Sitelinks

Google’s new enhanced sitelinks incorporates text from other ads within an AdWords account into its sitelinks, if they are closely related.

Ashleigh Davison

Top 10 AdWords Tools and Features

When it comes to setting up and managing PPC campaigns within Google AdWords there are now lots of different tools and features to help make the process easier

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Google testing offer extensions in beta

Google is testing ‘offer extensions’ – a feature that allows advertisers to place a link within their ads directing users straight to offer information.

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