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My Five #190

Social Media, Google SERPs and a potential revelation for the gig-attending community. This week’s My Five’s got it all.

Matt Batterham

Google Launches iOS App for AdWords

Google has finally launched an AdWords app for iOS mobile devices, making it easy for AdWords users to check campaign performance and pause campaigns on the go. Read my review here…

Ashleigh Davison
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Google Trialling Four AdWords Ads

Google is testing four AdWords Ads in search again, pushing organic results down the page. The scramble for the top organic spot continues.

Guest Writer
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Connecting online and offline store visits

This holiday season, mobile will influence more purchases than ever. Google’s store traffic data shows how to adjust ad spend based on in-store conversions.

Libby Bearman

My Five #144

A murdered robot, predictions from Back to the Future coming true, and the mystery of what happened to the dinosaurs solved in this week’s My 5.

Victoria Spall

10 tips for how to write enticing ad copy

10 top tips on how to get write PPC ad copy that is going to entice the people that are most likely carry out your CTA, to click on your ad.

Ashleigh Davison

My Five #87

No World Cup ads? Ryan Gosling is a father? Find out what’s been happening in this week’s My Five.

Guest Writer

Our favourite new Keyword Planner features

Whether it’s for PPC or SEO, the new Google Keyword Planner features can help you gain insight into user search behaviours. Find out more about our favourite features here.

Guest Writer