Raising money for a ‘flipping’ good cause!!

The cookery school at Braxted Park raise over £900 for Farleigh Hospice in the Great Pancake Challenge

You are reading: Raising money for a ‘flipping’ good cause!!

This Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day, I was delighted to attend the Braxted Park Great Pancake Challenge, to help raise money for Farleigh Hospice.

The Cookery School at Braxted Park hosted a pancake tossing event as part of the Farleigh Hospice £50 challenge, which tasks businesses to take £50 provided by the charity and see how much money they can turn it into.

The day consisted of 5 different teams getting together to toss as many pancakes as they could in 15 minutes, using a finite amount of pancake batter.

My session started with a quick demonstration of how to mix the best pancake batter, that would be instantly ready for cooking and flipping, from chef Guy Moore. Then we had 15 minutes to cook and toss as many pancakes as we could. I managed 9, which I was quite proud of, but later found out that I had been thrashed by someone on the team that had flipped 13.5 pancakes…sad times!

DSC_0261 (2)

Throughout the day there were also other money raising challenges and games going on, such as guess the height of the pancake stack (which I actually won, woop!) and also heads and tales games, where everyone donated £1 and had the chance to win a prize.

The day was a wonderful success and it was great to hear from Julie Booker-Sawyer, Corporate Coordinator at Farleigh Hospice to find out a little more about where the money will be going and the great job that they do!

In the end The Cookery School at Braxted Park raised over £900 for the charity and everyone had loads of fun, in the beautiful sunshine in the grounds of gorgeous Braxted Park Estate.

Well done everyone!


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