Google Optimize & Google Surveys 360 to integrate with AdWords

Learn more about your customers with A/B testing and customer surveys, directly from AdWords, as Google integrates the platform with Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360

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Last month Google announced the imminent integration of Google AdWords with two of its other products – Google Optimize (and Optimize 360) and Google Surveys 360 – to help advertisers learn more about their customers.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize allows advertisers to easily run A/B, redirect and multivariate tests to see which variations of their web page(s) has the biggest impact on the conversion rate of their website.

It is, and has been for sometime now, easy to run experiments within Google AdWords and test which ad copy makes the biggest impact on your target audience in terms of click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate. But now it will also be easy to test how the landing page, or elements of the landing page, also affect conversion rates, when tailored for specific AdWords campaigns, ad groups or keywords.

For example if an advertiser wanted to increase its conversion rate for a specific group of keywords, maybe longer-tailed phrases that could be better highlighted on the ad’s landing page, then they can create a new test variation to use a more tailored landing page for those keywords and measure the impact.

Here’s an example of what that setup process looks like:

Google optimize setup
For instructions on where to begin when setting up an Optimize experiment, check out:

With regards to how long an experiment should run for, Google recommends at least 2 weeks to factor in any cyclical variations during the week but really a test should run until at least one variant has a “95 percent probability to beat baseline”. This is “the probability that a given variant will result in a conversion rate better than the original’s conversion rate” (for a glossary of Google’s CRO related terms, visit:

Google Surveys 360

Surveys 360 is also being integrated with AdWords, another tool that can be used for conversion rate optimisation / usability testing as it allows you to ask your web visitors what they think of your website and allow them to provide feedback on how you could improve it. This is because Google has announced that remarketing lists that have been published in AdWords, are now available in Surveys 360 for survey targeting. You can also use Surveys 360 to target a pool of 15 million real people as they browse the web and ask their opinion too, if you wanted a larger sample size of people that don’t necessarily already know your brand.

Setting up a survey is pretty simple, the setup screen looks like this:

Surveys 360 setup

You pick an audience, write your questions and confirm your survey and Google gives lots of options and tips along the way. For example these are the types of question formats you can choose from:

Survey 360 question example
As with most online survey platforms though, it’s not free, cost of completions varies so businesses need to factor that in when setting up a survey and choosing a sample size.

We are big advocates of conversion rate optimisation and user testing here at Browser Media so it’s great to see Google integrating these tools with Google AdWords. For more tips on everything CRO related check out more articles on our blog.

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