My Five #35

Five things worth sharing from the last week (or so) – The Met Office is doing content marketing, Brian Solis, wearable tech and more…

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My Five: Five things worth sharing from the last week (or so), brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Tom.

1) The Met Office is doing content marketing / SEO / or just ‘marketing’ as I like to call it, quite nicely. Using Gaps and Opportunities / analytics data, combined with social media insight to determine where they need to focus their content-production (and therefore SEO) efforts.

Using analytics to inform outreach, SEO, and build a truly seasonal content calendar (we advocate a seasonal strategy for most clients, including an air conditioning company, but rarely is content strategy so dependent on the weather). The whole article’s worth a read as a solid way to approach good online marketing, but my favourite line is:

‘…last year we created a cross-office, holistic content team involving our science, communications, press office and technical team.’

This might sound like an obvious thing to do (as sensible advice always does), but involving your non-marketing team in the production of content (written, images, video, quick quotes, how tos, top tips, whatnot), is often the best way to get buy-in from those who might view ‘digital’ as ‘optimisifying the Google rhythm’. Help them understand why you’re doing something and life will be easier, if you can’t get them to understand, tell them their name might feature on the website.

2) Brian Solis is being amazing again, plugging us humans into the future by furthering Steve Jobs’ theme of ‘human+tech’ and discussing how the marriage of the Human API with my beloved Internet of Things (I talk about this a LOT when I’m drunk, with amazed-wide-eyes and some hitting people on the arm to make them understand how cool the future will be), is the future.

This hooks nicely into…

3) More wearable tech is fuelling (!) the debate as to whether it’s cool or potentially very, very scary to build up the kind of personal data that people are doing. Boris Johnson has taken the piss out of everyone for ever contemplating a digital world where we weren’t all being tracked and monitored, hailing it a ‘gigantic snooperama‘. And there does seem to be a bizarre contradiction between our simultaneous appetite and distaste for data; for building up and sharing our personal data in one form whilst protecting it in another. The opt-in culture does seem to want to have multi-device, always-on personalisation whilst remaining completely secure. Anyone have an answer as to how we can have our digital cake and tweet it?

4) Dollar Shave Club Goes Beyond Shaving With One Wipe Charlies. You’re welcome.

5) In the space of a week, we’ve entered the future of food delivery, with Yo! Sushi’s hovertrays delivering your order at 25mph via an iPad-controlled helicopter, and Domino’s delivering (presumably very cold) pizza via drone (previously decried for posing a threat to our personal lives / security). Now, WHERE’S MY HOVERBOARD?

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