My Five #143

Innovative marketing, industry insight and the end of British Summer Time all feature in this week’s My Five from Browser Media.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Alex.

1. Re-Tweets are no joke

Twitter has apparently started taking down tweets that blatantly copy the work of others, such as copyrighted jokes. Users can report content via an infringement form, which is then sent to a team of administrators who determine the validity of the request.

Copywritten tweets infringement form - My Five 143 - Browser media
In the days where there are whole accounts (accounts that make money, no less) exclusively retweeting the work of others, this seems to me a futile exercise in trying to retain some intellectual property on the ‘net. What do you think?

2. Street Advertising

Folger's street advertising - My Five 143 - Browser media We are always trying to think of new and interesting ways to promote our clients and reach new audiences, so this article on innovative street advertising caught my eye this week. Just goes to show that inspiration can come from the most everyday things.

3. Online Marketing Industry Survey

This week Moz released the 2015 update of its online marketing industry survey, with some interesting/unsurprising turnouts; CRO is steadily growing in in demand, as is content creation/curation. Intriguingly, 30% of respondents reported increased demand for linkbuilding, while 20% reported increased demand for link removal. Go figure. The full report can be read here, and there’s a link to the raw data at the end if you feel like really geeking out.

4. Time Flies

Around the office this week there have been a few ‘I can’t believe it’s August next week already’ comments, making the old adage that as you get older, time seems to go by faster, feel very real. Well, apparently it is a real phenomenon. This nifty interactive infographic explains it nicely, even if it is a bit depressing. - My Five 143 - Browser media
snapshot of’s interactive infographic


5. Rain rain, go away

Talking of depressing, where has summer gone? Apparently the season has confirmed a bold original ending.

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