My Five #139

A chat about the weather, some musical opinions and a singing zebra. Ducking hell, it must be My Five.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Matt.

1. Hot in herre

If you hadn’t noticed, we’re having a heatwave this week, and the internet has quite literally gone into meltdown as it tries to deal with the insufferable warmth.

The Guardian’s Heatwave Live page was my favourite thing; it is, quite simply a live blog page offering news and advice about dealing with the (good) weather, and it might just be the most British thing to ever happen. There are pictures of donkeys on the beach and everything.

True to form, the nation has taken to social media to discuss the weather, and offer advice to others who may be struggling to handle the heat. This guide to travelling on the London Underground was particularly useful, I thought.

2. Apple Music drops

The much anticipated Apple Music launched earlier this week, and despite a few issues regarding iCloud storage, it seems to work as well as hoped and do everything it promised to do pre-launch.

Predictably, reviews of the music streaming service have been mixed, with opinions ranging from “crushing disappointment”, to “feature packed and awesome”.

I’m two days into my three month trial so not quite ready to make my own judgement just yet, but first impressions are pretty good. Whether it’s enough to draw me away from Rdio is still to be seen.

3. Yeezy does it

On the subject of music and divided opinions, let’s talk about Kanye West’s Glastonbury set.

Despite an online petition to cancel the slot in favour for a ‘proper’ rock band, the show went on as planned and oh lordy did it provoke a social media reaction. It’s fair to say there was no fence sitting on this one.

The star of the show however was not Kanye, but BBC’s subtitling team, who came up with some novel alternatives to the types of words you just don’t see published on the Beeb.



And then they seemingly gave up entirely.


Ducking brilliant.

4. Actionable Jacksonable

We as an industry are particularly guilty when it comes to spurting out jargon. Such offences include actionable, synergise and learnings – the type of words we’ve all heard and probably all cringed at.

If jargon makes your skin crawl, check out Econsultancy’s list of 20 banned words, and some useful alternatives.

5. Zebra sings for snacks

As the title says, really.

The Singing Zebra || ViralHog

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