My Five #38

Ali checks out some of the digital winners, losers and general lunacy at the tournament in this week’s My Five.

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My Five: Five things worth sharing from the last week (or so), brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Ali:

In celebration of Andy Murray making it through his first five setter at Wimbledon, I’ve checked out some of the digital winners, losers and general lunacy at the tournament in this weeks’ My Five.

1. Morrisons rebrands its Wimbledon store ‘Murrisons’. Such a simple tactic which created a nice buzz on Twitter and across the digital world. It’s similar to a Premier Inn stunt where the top floor of the west London hotel was renamed the ‘Rafa Benitez suite – perfect for short stays’, to ‘honour’ the then new Chelsea coach. The link juice and therefore resulting SEO value is vast. Advantage Morrisons.


2. Unfortunately it feels like Robinsons Drinks didn’t make it past the first round. Whilst there was some nice activity on Facebook, the company wasn’t able to interact on Twitter as they don’t have a account and their website is being updated.

Is it just me that thinks it’s an odd time for a Wimbledon sponsor to undertake a site redesign? Robinsons, I love your new TV ad but it could and should have been followed up online.

3. The official iPad app for Wimbledon launched this year and it seems to have been well received. However, a quarter of apps are only opened once and 65% of apps are not used after 90 days.

Whilst Wimbledon is not necessarily a normal scenario, I do believe that too many companies jump on the app bandwagon without really thinking through the business case. In most situations a responsive website is usually more than adequate.

4. A bit of light relief in two amusing Twitter users: the first is from @maggiemay_hem – Andy Murray’s dog with 18,000+ followers, who was this morning sharing Instagram Videos – the new competitor to Vine. Secondly for something even crazier, follow Not Roger Federer @PseudoFed.

5. Evian has been asking fans to upload videos of their ‘Wimbledon Wiggle’ – the shake or sway that players make before receiving the ball. If you liked Gangnam and the Harlem Shake bought a smile to your lips, you’ll like this.

A video demonstrating the wiggle, initially promoted on 19 June has had 47,000 views, the company has also had an additional 5,000 likes for its Facebook page and there’s plenty of off-court action on the company’s microsite. Clearly this is big budget activity with celebrity endorsement thrown in for good measure but as long as Evian can answer the ‘what next?’ question, the idea and the execution were both ace.

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