The great Search Analytics data debate

Google’s search analytics data currently has a 90 day limit. SEOs are hoping for an extension and the availability of YoY data – join the debate.

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Back in July 2015 I wrote about why I thought Google’s Search Analytics tool was almost awesome. The reasons behind the “almost” were as follows:

  • No Starred Queries feature
  • Limited filter options
  • 90 day data limit

The last point in particular is a frustration that is seemingly shared by many, and an exchange on Twitter earlier this week between Zineb Ait Bahajji, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, and an SEO bod named Jonathan did very little to quell those frustrations:

You may remember that way back in September 2013 Google said it would be providing users with a year’s worth Search Analytics data, and hinted to it again in early 2015 via a Google+ hangout hosted by John Mueller of Google Switzerland. Yet, despite having access to more historic data being one of the top requests amongst Search Console users, the 90 day limit remains.

So it was interesting to see yesterday, Zineb asking the following question:

I’d say the answer to this is pretty obvious; because it just makes life easier. I should mention here that there is nothing stopping you from periodically exporting data from Search Console and analysing it outside of the tool itself, but the extra effort involved in that just feels unnecessary if the data is, essentially, already there.

Here are some of the more sensible replies to Zineb’s question:

Only time will tell whether Google will finally succumb to user demand and expand the 90 day data limit, but until then you are invited to share your thoughts via Twitter along with the hashtag #moredataSAN. Go on, you know you want to.

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